Tuesday, February 28, 2017

speed recap #4

Yet another part day of travel, so here're some photos from yesterday.
awaiting check-in.
...look closer...
Yep, that's my awesome wife! 😄
On our way
Weird LAX artwork

...yeah, I've got no idea what it means.
The plane! The plane!

It's here!

...and it has a pretty tail
Here's hoping that the next bunch of photos will be sunny 😎

Monday, February 27, 2017

speed recap #3

Today (Monday) has us checking out of the Palm-springs resort and actually heading on holidays.
Lots of travel to get to where we're going, so today's recap will include some photos from Sunday.
Advance warning - it's mostly exotic animals.
The 'kids' area/business centre (what a weird combo) also has a terrarium with some interesting critters; like this bearded dragon...

...and a chameleon.

What a looker! :)

I have no idea what this guy is (checked, and apparently it's an iguana), but he was in the tropical section.

Delightful African spurred desert tortoise named 'scooter' in his outdoors enclosure.

The view on my walk from breakfast back to the room

A shot of the typical south-western architecture that surrounds the resort

It's also Academy awards evening - so Lisa and I are getting our picks in... For the first year in a long time, we've actually seen some of the nominees, 5 of the 9 best picture nominees!
By the time this post goes live - the awards will have come and gone; so here's a photo of our attempts at guessing what a bunch of 'artsy' types in Los Angeles will pick as their most 'worthy' films of the year. (The tick in the circle is my pick for what I think will win, while the mark next to the circle is what I'd like to see win - aka my head/heart picks)
Best of luck everyone!

Oh, the ducks came back...
Hi, there... Any chance of some more food?


Ok then, we'll just see ourselves out.

Thanks anyways.
..we'll see you in the morning

Saturday, February 25, 2017

speed recap #2

Duck, duck, goose?
The highly domesticated ducks came a knocking on our ground floor patio this morning, looking for a quick bite to eat...


...is there anyone home?
I know that you're in there!
See you tomorrow 😉

After Lisa's daily lectures, we took advantage of one of the 120-ish golf resorts in town, and 'hit the links'
I'm not exactly a good golfer... Not even a casual one... So for me it's more of a curiosity.
Fun to be there, but nothing too serious.
The rest of our foursome have been playing for decades :)
Scoping out the next shot
Daily dose of WTF...
10th hole snack-break
Aforementioned swans
Just chillin'
What's that? You'd like us to pose for some photos...?
...You got it!
See y'all tomorrow

WTF #2

We saw a few things during the flight that made us giggle in either delight, or confusion.

...like these awesome boots.

...this bottle of 'Febreze' Which is assumed to be empty, otherwise how did it pass through the security screenings? If it is empty... then why bring it in the first place?!?!?

...and this amazing rubbish container (for Zan.)
What exactly is regulated garbage? and is there any 'unregulated' trash on the plane?

Friday, February 24, 2017

new photo #3

Sony a6000 16-50 kit lens @16mm, f3.5 for 1/640 Sec Auto ISO (100)
It ended up taking almost exactly 24 hours of travel for us to finally make it to Lisa's seminar in Palm Springs, including battling peak-hour gridlock, followed by peak-hour traffic on the 3 hr drive from LA. (If there ever is a zombie appocalypse, don't be in LA when it starts!)
But we're here, and for the next few days; I'll have a chance to relax or explore...
Some more photos from the ride, I've kept a few asisde for a WTF post to come soon; should be fun.
Ceiling patterns - JFK airport

Much needed Beer

Our Plane to LA

Awesome 'relief' area for animal companions, so they can go to the bathroom too! :)

Flying over New York City

An alternate view of NYC

Mountains approaching California

Thursday, February 23, 2017

positivity #2

***Update, there's a quick break in the fog, we're making a hasty attempt to board...***

Pondering the positive as I sit in the international departures lounge of the Halifax airport

Air travel is always a stressful experience. Recent world events have made it even more difficult for an Australian citizen, living as a Canadian permanent resident, to travel into the USA...

Not unexpected, but even with all the correct paperwork, and allowing extra time (to the extra time that has become normal); it can be a kind of comedic farce.

In short, it took two different delta representatives over 45 minutes to make their system recognise my authorization to travel.

Thankfully? Our flights have been delayed by several hours due to heavy fog, so everything has just 'shifted' by a bit

Positive #1 
It's amusing to my wife and her parents :)

Positive #2
The delta reps were able to train under pressure

Positive #3
There was plenty of time to have some breakfast 

Sunrise at home (yesterday, as we stayed at the airport hotel overnight in prep for our ultra-early check-in that has now been delayed). Not exactly related to the travel issues, but it was a cool sunrise ;)

The departures level at YHZ

Reprinted itinerary for the flights.

All going according to the new plan, we'll be in JFK by 1000, and then on to LAX by 1730, where we'll pick up the rental car, so we can all travel to Palm Springs for Lisa's conference.

Next positive, it'll be reasonably warm there :)

There may be a follow up edit to this post, or it might just bump over into tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

old photo #3

Driving over the Story Bridge, Brisbane. 29th May 2010 8:12pm

I had an interesting and happy connection with the bridge between 2009 and 2012.
As a tour guide - I lead many a successful trip, showing off the marvellous views from its central-city location.

Heading home after a sunset tour, I loved how close the supports of the bridge were in the outside lanes, and guessed that they might help to show "movement". The lights from the road deck lit up my dashboard in a cool way, and it almost felt like a tunnel... that went 'over' the river.

*Bonus Points for there being an actual tunnel under the river in the exact same spot.

I still kind of miss it.

Photo taken on the good old Nikon D50/Tokina 11-16mm (set to 11) at 1/8sec, f2.8 ISO 1600

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

speed recap #1

Tuesday 21st February 2017

0715 up for morning coffee, feed Oswald
0800 Lisa off to work
0850 Insurance assessor (construction company guy) arrives to inspect damage from last weeks blizzard
1000 assessor finishes up, type up notes for upload
1100 reply to emails, struggle with uploading insurance videos to the 'cloud'
1230 figure out 2016 sole proprietor HST payments, and report to CRA
1351 first attempt to make payment fails
1353 second attempt successful
1415 drive to post office, grocery, bottle shop
1500 wash Victor (my car), dig Benny (Lisa's car) out of the snow
1555 make some lunch (small salad) watch first half of photography documentary
1637 post daily blog

plans for rest of the day
coffee, then refine packing of suitcase
shave head, shower
vacuum house, prepare dining room for shampooing
prepare dinner, snack and appy drink
Lisa arrives home
charge all photographic gear/kindle/ipads/etc

gotta say that I find this type of post about as dull as you all might...

could be the first and last speed re-cap.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

new photo # 2

Kevin - 19th February 2017. 

Sony a6000, 50mm (kit), f5.6, for 1/80sec at ISO 2500

Couldn't decide on which photo, so here are another few ;)