Saturday, April 23, 2011


...up (well, sort-of)

Spring has sprung; there's more sky than cloud, and the hours of light are going up. (doesn't get dark till almost 2130)

it's still pretty chilly at night (less than 5 deg), and the maximums aren't going any higher than 14, but it's getting there.

1st photo is of the lionsgate bridge; from a lookout, halfway up Cypress Mountain

looking at UBC (western tip of lower-mainland) and the freighters hangin' around.

driving back down the hill

pretty train-tracks...

another angle on the bridge

Bonus shot = I recently purchased a copy of "photomatix-lite" and am looking at taking more HDR photos. each post will have a re-processed shot from earlier in the year

Church in Vienna

Panorama park in Deep Cove *a little further down the road from the Mt Seymour turnoff

'tis pretty

a view of the rock I'll be hiking to...

...well, that was quick - nice view

alternate view

looking back at deep cove

HDR of the trail


awesome letterbox.

well that's about it for the moment

Special Thanks to Chris, Rob and Emil (sound team from Underworld 4) for letting me hang out last monday. and super special thanks to Paul Barry (AD from wolverine) who set it up.

more set-visits and sight-seeing this week; as I'd go mad sitting around waiting for the orientation course on the 7th/8th May.

Saturday, April 16, 2011



not too much happened.

- it rained. (and briefly snowed when the temp dropped a little on thursday)

- Booked the next available Film and TV Orientation course (on 7th/8th May at Capilano University)
I know it seems strange that someone who's been working in Film for a decade might need to take an orientation course; but it includes the WHMIS (OHS) certification, and hey - it's the rules...

- the playoffs started (NHL), and vancouver has been doing pretty well.

- I've sent out a whole bunch of emails to try and organise some set-visits, and say hi to all the local sound teams
First one is on monday, with more to come

- bought a new wind-proof jacket (at the local factory outlet store); as the temperature is still hovering around 9-12 deg (depending on the sun) during the day, and 2-5 at night.

- sorted out my camera-case-attachment-stuff (it now clips onto the shoulder-straps of my backpack/s keeping the camera nice and handy)

Friday was sunny, so after dropping my flat-mate at the ferry, I quickly went home to collect my camera and go for a walk.
I was looking to get a different angle of the city, and hoping the sun would stick around for a while.

in the 20mins it took me to get ready - the sun disappeared, and the clouds returned.

Beginning of the dog-walk down to the water-front

moss, moss, moss, moss

I like that they felt it necessary to translate for the dogs (but is it in the correct dialect?)


as you can see the area is pretty industrial...

from the wharf area (end of the walk)

looking back up north at the mountains

looking down on the city from upper-upper-lonsdale avenue

hate the name - don't mind the walk

the creek; where I had to wash some dog-crap from my boot (I thought people would have paid attention to the signs - I mean it's even in Dog-speak!)


bridge over the creek

more moss - this time on a tree

weekly WTF - under-ground drain-cover?

the saga comes to a temporary close (what's the bet that re-gaining a QLD drivers License is a complete cluster-frack)

finishing with a shot of my new $30 desk. (from the local "canadian tire" store - they're like a canadaian walmart/k-mart)

Saturday, April 09, 2011



Friday = You know that you're in for a good day when peering out the window reveals frost on the roof of your car

Let's back-up a little bit, to Wednesday; for gear collection, and customs stuff...

well that was easy.

With my sound equipment safely in the country; there's one last thing I needed to sort out before seriously looking for work: the collection of my skis.

those of you who were unfortunate enough to be anywhere near me at the end of last year; know in great detail the saga of: 'my-skis-are-in-canada' while 'I'm-planning-to-go-to-austria'.

in the end, perhaps this wasn't such a bad thing.

Vancouver has had an amazing winter, and is currently experiencing an amazing spring (skiing season).

after organising a little meet-up to collect my skis, I decided to head up the nearest mountain for an afternoon-slide.

turns out the nearest mountain is under 20 minutes away (17+1/2 to be exact)...

driving up the mountain road (3 mins from my current accommodation)

the "base" of a lift at Mount Seymour

all the chairs appear to be fixed doubles.

very good advice

ahhhhhh, they still fit - the edges are a little rusty (not a metaphor - there's actual RUST on the tails...) but they still work.

Skiers ski, Snowboarders jump...

...or sit

'tis very pretty

this is why I travelled halfway around the globe

Mt Baker - in the United States of America...

looking out to sea

groomers groomin'

pretty, pretty


looking back at the seabus terminal on the lower mainland. (from the last post)

looking at East-Vancouver/Burnaby

the 2nd Narrows Bridge (Hwy 1 East - my only practical link to the lower-mainland. it is the life-line, unless I travel 1/2 hr west onto the Lions Gate)

Vancouver city

boats and the Lions Gate Bridge leading into Stanley Park

pretty, pretty, pretty

It was around 10deg when I started skiing at 1700. By the time I took this photo (1830) it was 4 deg. When I left (1930), it was around 2-3deg.


Canadian version of camping...

driving down the "hill"

from the carpark on Mount Seymour down the hill = 14mins. from the bottom of the hill to my accommodation = under 3 mins.

tomorrow is the weekend = time to get out and about. (more likely it'll rain, and I'll be sore from the jogging/weights/skiing)

See ya