Sunday, October 09, 2011

one day...

last weekend was a long one (public holiday), shortened by an hour (daylight savings)

I managed to see a few photographic galleries, get the laundry done, buy some books, have a few lunches, buy some new work sneakers (salomon speed-cross 2's), and go on a film-watching binge...

- Cave of Forgotten Dreams (in 3D) - about the recently (1994) discovered caves with 35,000 yr old cave paintings = awesome

- Project Nim = about the extraordinary life of a chimpanzee named Nim (raised in a family as you would a human child in the 70's...)

- the matrix

- the matrix revisited (doco on the making of the first)

- the matrix reloaded

- the matrix revolutions

it was then, back to work for the week, finishing some amazing party scenes which will floor audiences in another year...

work extended into saturday (to compensate for the monday holiday), and at one stage it looked as though we'd be working 'till sunday! (slipping call-times due to overtime = great paypacket, but NO life)

This (short) weekend, I: got the washing done, went for a walk, and sat on top of some cliffs reading; taking the occasional photo.

to be honest - I miss 2 days off, but a cliff-top reading-session is exactly what I needed to recharge, for another week of sound assisting.

The rocky-top of the south Bondi Cliffs... an excellent viewpoint of the whole bondi beach/cove/bay/thingy

view when I arrived... oooooh ominous!

view later - sun's out = yay...

random sea-kayaker

looking north at the point

he's still going

the walk from Bondi - Tamarama is quite nice - and VERY heavily trod by the masses. *very interesting people watching from my little vantage point - they travel in "waves", of varying intensities (exercisers/marathon-trainers/tourists/kids/lovers/families/etc), it's pretty cool to see.

a view of the natural bath at Bondi (aka icebergs)

what better way to pass the time than read a book on the psychology of learning behaviours, in ski instructing! (seriously?!) it's a little dry, but worth it, as I've been on a little bit of a brain kick recently (how the mind learns/neuroplasticity/addiction/chemical-interactions of caffein-alcohol/etc.)

quickly followed by some Steve Martin autobiographical reflections on his stand-up career... my amazon account is getting hammered right now...

funny thing - I love the feeling of sand on bare-feet, but hate the way it gets EVERYWHERE... sandstone = a pleasant substitute... tactile sensory input; thy name is foot.

I'd like to see some census data on the percentage of Bondi Residents that hail from ye-olde-england - guessing it's a little skewed in the "massively disproportionate" category

Well, it's back to work tomorrow morning for week 6/17(ish) - we've finished with the massive crowd scenes, and it's back to the heavy drama segments... hopefully there'll be less PA cabling, and more 2nd booming.

till next time, enjoy your free-time.