Saturday, August 25, 2012


...down the days 'till wrap.

it's been ten fantastic weeks, booming on D - with only one more to go!

wrap party is tonight...

photos below.

B-cam antennae

Ol' Rumbley - aka "magnum" - is the tube-Airconditioning fed by a massive portable unit outside (legend has it that a "famous" actor who used to regularly shoot in Halifax, either requested/or demanded AC, and this was the solution)

you have been warned...

Scottish prop fun

baseball bat fun

similar-shirt fun?

Aussie hat gets around

EXT. shooting makes people happy

all smiles, all the time

sunshine = happy mixer


jet-stream rulz

AD/Sound chill while watching the "blocking"

Location, Location, Location

"hold for the chopper"



most amazing light-play...

Aha... Science!


The halls of Xavier high (aka Citadel) are polished in anticipation of the returning students...

yup another summer at Citadel is done, see you next year?

some love from the gaffer?

beautiful day, beautiful walk home - banking some Cheques on the way :)

love the shallow DOF

so Halifax loves tall ships? who knew...


stroll through an "old" cemetery (nothing newer than 1910?)

morning light coloured by the sunrise :)

Weekly WTF, more awesome sculptures (this time on-set)

coat rack has additional uses

set-dec had to come up with some "trashy names" - needless to say, the camera dept names soon appeared below...

Thompson beer... gotta stop to Pee in the middle :(

friday arvo naptime

beside the A-cam


That's a good question...

for many reasons, I've bumped my return date to Australia by a few months.

Flights for a small side trip to Iceland have been booked, more info to come.

all the best,


Sunday, August 19, 2012


...down the house?

I was making a coffee while getting ready to head off on a hike last sunday with a new friend; and I managed to scald my left hand - in the EXACT SAME way that I did 4+1/2 months ago (just before my flight to LA for the steadicam course...)

Scald me once... shame on you?
Scald me twice... mutha-f@cker that hurts! what kind of idiot does it TWICE!!!!!

With the hand wrapped up in some lidocaine cream courtesy of my first Eastern WALMART excursion, it was time to go for a little hike along the cliff paths of the york redoubt historic site.

yay - Nature!

no kidding, this guy was just "hauling" the mackerel out of the sea, sometimes 3 at a time... he offered us quite a few as a gift (even gutted and cleaned them)

cargo ship on its way out

looking east to sleepy cove

abandoned naval base historic site (closed to the public with many warning signs... and holes in the fences)

much graffiti and wise-ass comments around... loved the pac-man ghost.

time to head back into the breech once more friends, and swing a stick for some cold-hard cash...

welcome greetings from around the globe. Funny, I always thought it was "kia ora"...

another POV, showcasing my new cameras shallow Depth of Field :)

culture day in the halls of Xavier Academy (with a side serving of aussie-pride)

on the right is a normal hand, on the left... one scalded by 90 deg water 3 days earlier...

2nd AC Riley strikes a pose (I'm extremely happy with how this photo turned out)

locations keeps it cool with a "shark-fan"

MEGA-COOKIE!!!!! soooo many mini-MnMs, and on only one half?

crew directions for two completely different shows. (we're D, I wonder who C is for?)

no reason for this shot, other than I liked the way the light hit the sign...

Ian sits in the window during lunch, contemplating life, the universe, everything... and his healing hand

more foggy views from 1001 winchester

sometimes shooting crew are used for signs, and set dressing (most books you see on screen are "authored" by crew members, and most lists include names, craftily hidden-in).
In a few rare cases - their image may be used for a memorial photo... goodbye Gilles (our Line producer), you shall be missed by all :)

Utility Stand-ins Dennis and Diane - the unsung heroes of film/TV production, these guys/gals need to be able to re-create the actors movements and positions while the crew sets-up a shot, Diane is keeping things light which is appreciated.


boom-pole POV = I love my new camera!

finally made it down to the local farmers market on saturday morning, something I've been been meaning to do for a while...

really fresh Veges = tasty salad

Weekly WTF = scary eagle sculpture at the farmers market... truly terrifying, and truly AWESOME!

Firefly reference for Neil...

another angle on the title photo refinery billowing on a sunny sunday afternoon

well, only two shooting weeks to go on this job - we'll see what comes up next...

all the best,