Thursday, February 07, 2013


...images - or at the very least 11,045 files in the photo folder '2012'.

even allowing for a bunch of duplicates (jpeg/RAW) and some processed ones (HDR, etc); that's still a massive bunch of photos for a non-professional.

I have managed to whittle that number down to 211 of my absolute favorites for the year.

The title-photo is of course, my top pick; the best and most favoured of the year. an old-school sailing boat returns to the Halifax harbour (taken from my accommodation)

I've included some of the best of the best in this post, and here's a LINK to the rest of them

Aurora in Iceland

Sunset Venice Beach LA

Hiking in Iceland

Funky angles in Hali

Booming in Halifax

Tour-Guiding on the bridge


Steadi-training in LA (admittedly, not a photo I took, but I'm there non-the-less)

B cam 2nd AC Mr D

Hiking in Iceland

2nd favorite photo of the year - reflection self-portrait on-set Mr D season 2 Halifax.

There's been no additional word on my application for permanent residency, but then again - I did only just send off the completed package (had to wait for the police certificate of no-record to arrive); all going well, I'll be ready to move in another month or so...

Exciting times ahead.

'till then, all the best.