Sunday, August 11, 2013

beard... gone

Way back on the 1st of December 2012 - I was given the all clear to send in an application for the community identified stream of the Nova-Scotia provincial nomination program for permanent residency in Canada.

I guess facial hair was front and centre in my mind, as I'd just completed another year of ridiculous moustache growing for charity.

So I thought it might be funny to see how long I could grow a beard before reaching the next stage.

52 days later on the 22nd of January 2013 I was able to shave, and once again I (stupidly) thought it'd be a bit of a laugh to see how long a beard I could grow, in this now final stage of permanent residency.

Since then, I've returned to Canada on a temporary work visa; and have almost finished the third season of mr D.

During this time, I've also seen the workers who process visa (and permanent residency) applications undertake strike action, further delaying what should have been a straightforward and simple process

What I once saw as a positive thing (each day the beard grows = one day closer to my eventual permanent residency), has now become something I truly hate (a reminder that it's been yet another day since I mailed off my application...)

I'm already over here - working, and loving my life...

...but hating my beard.

I'm about to renew my work visa for another film, So I picked a mile-stone-ish kind of date, and agreed to shave the f*cker off.

yesterday was that day.

201 days

I now present a small collection of photos from the momentous event (thanks to Lisa for the photographic skills)

*the photo at the beginning of this post, is 201 days of beard growth (with minimal scissor-trimming around the upper-lip to facilitate eating)

clipper-removal of moustache, and separation of mutton-chops and goatee that's a solid goatee

Lisa braids the last remaining threads...

final wet-razor work

...and I'm back to "normal"

thanks to all those who were supportive of my ridiculous "visa-beard" and I hope you all forgive me for the early shave.

all the best,