Saturday, July 17, 2010

back down...

...Sydney way.

That's right, I'm back in Sydney.

Thankfully it's work related.

I'm in town for 10 weeks on two separate jobs.

two-weeks-in on the first job, and I have a new-found love of booming. the actors are amazingly good at reproducing, then building on, the fantastic script.

perhaps this is the way that all scripted comedies go, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that it's not the usual.

either way, I'm a happy boy.

for my first weekend in town, I went on a massive walk, and headed back out to cockatoo island, where we spent several weeks of nights on wolverine; for the 17th biennale (art show)

'twas quite exciting to see the old warehouses and construction halls re-purposed into art spaces.

I also headed off to the NSW art Gallery for their Abstraction Exhibit (I definitely find impressionism more suited to my tastes), and saw the world press photo tour.

all in all, it was a art-filled weekend.

combined with the requisite clothes washing and de-stressing, My first weekend was pretty full.

Photo time.

Driving from Brisbane


nice, post-sunset skylight


are you serious, 3 degrees! it's not even 10 mins after the sun has set

more magic hour

early-morning Tamworth after an overnight stay. On approach to town, I received a chip in my windscreen and was contemplating the stress of not being able to get it fixed during my time in sydney (12hr days 5 day weeks etc); luckily a local glass repairer was open early, and managed to do the repairs quickly.

back on cockatoo island, and true to form - it was raining.

best instalation at the biennale on cockatoo island.

another angle of the amazing "inopportune: stage one (2004)" by Cai Guo-Qiang

on the other side of the turbine hall, where the mutant cages used to be, is a cool instalation, where you can walk on shanty-rooftops. by Kader Attia

I'm 99% sure that the "metal-gate" at the entrance to this 'interactive sculpture' was a part of the set-dressing on wolverine (it's actually wooden)

ground floor view of Strykers office (where wolverine and victor creed fell from the 2nd story window)

opera house on the rocks


one-handed booming

oh well, I'm off to seek out another coffee, and perhaps take a few more photos...

week 3 awaits.

If you're in sydney and would like to catch up, give me a call, and we'll find a time.

cheers, Ian
0414 468 413