Friday, December 25, 2009


...I've completely forgotten to update this blog thingy.

what's happened over the past 2 months?

- I grew the mustache.

- I shaved the mustache.

- I continued to climb the story bridge.

- I managed to get some TV commercials, and a 4-day corporate video.

- I booked a trip to canada.

- I drank some coffee.

wait... what was that thing two points ago?

- I'm going to canada?



- 19th January

how long?

- 12 days in Vancouver, then 7 days skiing at Sun Peaks Resort (interior B.C.)


- well... ummm... do I really need a reason? - Whistler is hosting the olympics, and have already broken their all time monthly snow record (almost before they opened)

are you sure there isn't another reason?

- oh yeah - I need to activate a 2 yr working visa,

nice. Anthing else remotely interesting happen in your prolonged absence from the digital realm?

- I managed to see AVATAR 5 days before it opened.

Huh, how?

- a friend's brother and his co-worker had press-tickets.

So - you've been looking forward to this film for quite some time - was it worth it?

- I'm still gob-smacked at the experience - easily the best time I've had in a theatre in a LONG time.

is it really that good?

- Yes

ok time for a finishing photo; what have you got for us this time...

...some sunset shots from work - work, this time meaning the story bridge adventure climb.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Movember 2009

I've decided to join the fundraising team at story bridge adventure climb for this years "Movember".

all funds go to worthy causes (mens mental health, and prostrate issues) and all you have to do is grow a moustache.

having never grown a 'stache before (always had an accompanying beard)... I though it could be some fun

I'll post pictures every few days...

here's the first one.


for donations - head to


boomin' a 2-day theme-park TVC last week...

lots of cool animals, heaps of sun (I've really gotta start protecting myself better); and an amazing crew that are always fun to work with.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

this batch of photos are...

...well; late to be quite honest.

it's a bunch of shots taken on a little trip south from perth; on my last weekend in town (morning after our wrap party...)

lovely cool beach on a hot day

colourful umbrellas make for happy photography

interesting island

driving to the next landmark/beach

speaking of...


alternate angle on the vinyard

artsy shot of hay-bales

perth skyline at dusk.

we finished the film just in time for a return flight to brisbane before Christmas, and i've slowly tried to re-integrate into my old life.

already picked up a 4-day short film at the end of january, and even got a chance to use my new equipment purchase - a schoeps CMC-Mk41 microphone (damn it sounds good on a sound stage...)

well. I'm off to try and update the website.

catch you all later