Wednesday, February 04, 2009

this batch of photos are...

...well; late to be quite honest.

it's a bunch of shots taken on a little trip south from perth; on my last weekend in town (morning after our wrap party...)

lovely cool beach on a hot day

colourful umbrellas make for happy photography

interesting island

driving to the next landmark/beach

speaking of...


alternate angle on the vinyard

artsy shot of hay-bales

perth skyline at dusk.

we finished the film just in time for a return flight to brisbane before Christmas, and i've slowly tried to re-integrate into my old life.

already picked up a 4-day short film at the end of january, and even got a chance to use my new equipment purchase - a schoeps CMC-Mk41 microphone (damn it sounds good on a sound stage...)

well. I'm off to try and update the website.

catch you all later