Monday, April 09, 2012


...the steady?

been wrestling with how much detail I should go into, recounting my experiences at the Steadicam workshop.

my gut feeling is that too much detail will be boring for the vast majority of those who view the blog, so I'll just leave it at the following:

"it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I've found a skill that encompasses almost all of my interests (bio-mechanics, precision, intuition, etc) with a never-ending requirement for learning and self-improvement. I was born to do this"

lets move onto the photos.

before we pick-up on the snow, lets see what the view looked like on the ride up the mountains

ok, more snow - this is outside our dinner area

waking up the next morning revealed a few solid inches

guess we're not going to be using the pool anytime soon...

...or driving our cars anywhere

not because it'd be hard or dangerous, but it's so darn pretty: I wouldn't want to destroy it.

split 20 students into 5 groups, which we kept for the rest of the week

functional design can also be beautiful

pre-breakfast practice session

one of the communal vests (tape indicating length of Y-spar)

my group at work *(2 students act, one operates, and trainer supervises... while I kick back and watch) :)

Aim the camera at the cross (through the red "window") - now keep it there as you walk in/out

Ruben's got the tango; Garrett, the smoothee

Jerry plays with the tango

random night-time photo

Trainer Chris is so professional that even when the "actor" is completely sh!thouse, he's still on the ball...

Trainer Ruben demonstrates hand-dexterity (and cutlery abuse)

6th Annual Lake arrowhead Classic Steadicam Workshop class of 2012...

yep, it was life changing, and totally worth the expense, effort and planning to attend.

since landing yesterday morning, I've been photo-editing.

looks like I'll need at least 3 blog-posts (perhaps 4), to show my selects from the LA portion of my trip...