Saturday, July 30, 2011

D week 4... no more.

another week of boomin-goodness is over, and due to some kind of provincial holiday; we get a long weekend.

this week was a short-block (4-days/one ep). Next week is a change of schedule *(tuesday-sat) and the start of another block (2 episodes) with the first director.


filming dance-floor bar-scenes at one of the (many) local universities

Christianity, Pastafarianism, Darwinism... it seems most faiths are covered out here in Halifax.

the current directors' last name is similar-but-different; and art department usually pick crew-names for any advertising.

more ladder-boomin in the staff-room-set.

A-cam 1st AC

Sound mixer shows his true feelings about the current 5-page scene (with 5 cast, one boom, and wide/tight coverage)

b-cam hits roll 150 (we've recently moved from 32Gb CF cards to 128Gb SSD hard-drives, so I guess the roll-changes will be less frequent from now on)

class-room globe

art-department inspirational quotes, senior-classroom set

our first "grip-forrest". The results were very pretty.

title of this photo = "doun-undahh" (in honour of the ridiculous "aussie" accent I'm frequently taunted with by one of our cast...)

walking to work on Friday (1st truly pretty morning in a long time)

still walking to work ('twas only 18mins, but I really was enjoying the weather)

camera team in the gym...

...filming an 18mm wide, and a simultaneous 110mm 2-shot... I'm on a 12-step ladder attempting perspective on the wide angle...

Friday night fog... still pretty.

It's presently raining (1400 on saturday); but as I'm in need of fresh coffee beans, an expedition is about to be mounted...

hopefully it'll clear-up on Sunday and I'll be able to take a few more photos...

see ya.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

D week 3... finished with glee... and we're now free... to relax for a few days


Sunday last week was quite pleasant - so I headed off to the local "historical site" = Citadel Hill

It's an old military site (at the top of the local hill in Halifax), which I can only imagine was a fortress of some kind...

it's currently open as a tourist attraction, with a whole bunch of staff in full costume...

looking down from the perimeter-wall

munitions store in the perimeter-wall (right next to the cannon placements)


one of the cannons on display (though many have deteriorated in the past 200+yrs)





more birdies

massive flagpoles (can be seen from almost anywhere down town)

staff demonstrating a rifle firing

cool lamp

awesome rigging (support for the massive flagpole)


cartridge storage...

line-em-up... shoot em down...

empty gunpowder kegs...


tunnel through the perimeter wall

exterior wall

another tunnel between perimeter and external walls

inside the exterior wall

tall-ship in the harbour

...and some sailboats

the clock at cidadel hill.

people love their rooftop parties out east...

artist on the hill

Monday-Friday we continued to shoot episodes 104/105


2 x booms, 6 x wires, 10 x tracks, 3 pages, 2 cameras... TV is fun.
how Zan managed to make it all work, I'll never know... I just swing a stick and try to give him as much of the dialog as possible...


B-cam 1st AC tape-measure-fun

back at the local high school.

Extremely exciting news.
I'm heading back to Australia...
Anyone know of some reasonably-priced accommodation near Fox Studios in Sydney? (paddington/centennial park/Bondi-Junction)
I'll be in town from the end of August, until around christmas

see y'all soon