Friday, December 25, 2009


...I've completely forgotten to update this blog thingy.

what's happened over the past 2 months?

- I grew the mustache.

- I shaved the mustache.

- I continued to climb the story bridge.

- I managed to get some TV commercials, and a 4-day corporate video.

- I booked a trip to canada.

- I drank some coffee.

wait... what was that thing two points ago?

- I'm going to canada?



- 19th January

how long?

- 12 days in Vancouver, then 7 days skiing at Sun Peaks Resort (interior B.C.)


- well... ummm... do I really need a reason? - Whistler is hosting the olympics, and have already broken their all time monthly snow record (almost before they opened)

are you sure there isn't another reason?

- oh yeah - I need to activate a 2 yr working visa,

nice. Anthing else remotely interesting happen in your prolonged absence from the digital realm?

- I managed to see AVATAR 5 days before it opened.

Huh, how?

- a friend's brother and his co-worker had press-tickets.

So - you've been looking forward to this film for quite some time - was it worth it?

- I'm still gob-smacked at the experience - easily the best time I've had in a theatre in a LONG time.

is it really that good?

- Yes

ok time for a finishing photo; what have you got for us this time...

...some sunset shots from work - work, this time meaning the story bridge adventure climb.