Sunday, May 02, 2010



It's that time of year again, when I head up to Mt Coot-tha and take some sunrise shots.

pre-dawn travel

yes I am taking a picture, while driving (not pictured - texting/eating a bowl of spaghetti/applying make-up in the rear-view mirror/changing songs on my i-phone...)

I've never understood why it's so bloody busy for the sunrise, guess I'm not that strange afterall...

setting-up (wait, how'd I get a photo of my camera - conspiracy!)

what i'm shooting...

viewfinder detail

The shot


Tone-mapped HDR pre-dawn (interesting effect)

Tonemapped HDR of the site (not really my cup of tea - but worth the exercise)

perople and scopes

alternate view from mt coot-tha

photographers abound - sunrise 3rd may 2010

couple+doggie at the mt coot-tha look-out.

alternate sunrise shot.

What's happened between posts

- First 2 weeks of the telemovie at Mt Tamborine

- Lots of driving... (depending on traffic it's up to 3 hrs a day)

- Week 1 = rain and mud

- Week 2 = short week (Anzac day holiday), Dry and getting cooler (schedule was split day/nights), finding the rhythm, better swinging = better recordings...

- bridgeclimbs and days off (nice to catch-up with friends...)

- movies (1st time since february) = Beneath Hill 60 (pretty good), Kick Ass (also pretty good)

What's NEXT

- finish the telemovie. (3+1/2 more weeks)

- purchase a few lenses (today's exercise reminded me how much I enjoy photography)

- decide if I want a mini-series in Sydney (late-june).

- pick a date for the move to canada.

see ya