Tuesday, September 11, 2012


...to fly away.

I'm off downtown to catch a bus... that will take me to the airport... where I'll board a plane... to Boston... where I'll sit in a lounge for a bit... get on another plane... fly across the atlantic (and up a bit)... before finally landing in Reykjavik, Iceland... tomorrow morning...

I've spent a week off already, and haven't really done too much aside from hangin'out and trying to recover from the past 11 weeks.

perfect time to take a little trip to the edge of the arctic.

planned activities involve hiking on a volcano, walking on a glacier, kayaking on a fjord, and trying to see the "northern lights"

we'll see just how successful i am, when returning to halifax next monday.

photos from the past week

'twas a lil foggy early morning mid-week, got some AWESOME shots... (the one at the title spot is my favorite of the year so far!)

ahhh the disney cruise ship (has a very "musical" fog-horn)

there was a slight concern about a hurricane (caused a massive amount of rain yesterday), but it seems to have moved off to the northern atlantic (iceland next?)

morning fog (post rain)

our B cam op was an amazing fellow - he managed to hook me up with a sachet of vegemite...
my first hit since home!
add one coffee and a tim tam for good measure, and I'm one chuffed lil' aussie

bags all packed for the iceland trip.
green one is my new day-pack :)

better be!

ok, see you all in a bit.

off to the land of fire and ice!

Sunday, September 02, 2012


...on another season of Mr D, in Halifax.

52 days, 13 eps, over 400 "rolls" of digital media on the A-cam; and a whole bunch of laughing.

check it out in January 2013 on CBC

time for the wrap party?

in a fairly unorthodox move (due to some scheduling with our lead), it was decided to hold the wrap party on the weekend before we actually finished.

beautiful walk along the harbour front to get to the party

held at the casino (functions room)

one of our cast is a prominent canadian rapper = he decided to get up and give a live performance when the DJ played one of his songs (unrehearsed) = the kiddie actors *(senior students) were lovin' it - evidenced by the number of cell phone videos that will be soon floating around.


walking home I saw my first Weekly WTF

best recovery from a night of fun? coffee, sun and a book...

nice view of the island

busy sunday afternoon

perfect sailing weather

Moon, 26th August 2012 = pretty

last day at our regular "Barrels" Bar-set... Boom position 'reserved' thankyouverymuch :)

even more 'reserved' at the strip-club-set!

going to be a fun day in this lighting...

wow - that's a bargain!

more-funky lighting from behind the bar

lunch-time nap in the 'VIP' room.

there's a moose at the top!

stripper does his thing...

...while camera and boom collect the general ambience

yup, it's a colourful kinda day...

...punctuated by the occasional dance-off (turn on the lights and EVERYONE wants a dance...)

Bathroom stall artwork (in the ladies bathroom!) Censored by yours truly, and yes... I was being fairly generous with the size of the censorship black-out :)

kitties playing guitar? I'm there!

2AC all work and no play...

...electricians = all play and no work?

B-cam = blue
A-cam = pink

Crew gifts for the year (sadly only the ladies got the option of a pink jacket)

Thursday sunrise = two days to go...

love my view of the atlantic

Zan "retires" the character names as we limp along to the end... that's allot of speaking roles!

last ankle micing of our bobby :(

sweeping epidemic of cell-phone use on film sets - footage at 11...

don't know who decided that THIS was a good postion for the camel/beaver

last-day approaches

simply fantastic thursday sunset

...pretty cool friday sunrise too (from what I've been told, the clear sunny weather will soon be replaced by an oppressive grey/cloudy/windy fall)

Mixer says his special goodbyes to the B-cam AC

fun-fact = adding "Pana" to anything increases its value by a factor of ten

not the 'last' slate, but I still thought it was pretty cool

"funky-shirt = check. nice-tie = check" last-day costumes are fun... perhaps the day will go smoothly...

...nope = post-wrap total-system-shutdown hit 8 hrs early... this day is going to suck!

in all honesty, aside from the snotty-sneezing-congested-mess-of-a-human holding the boom for the last 2/3 of the last day - it was a fantastic finish to an awesome show.

I know that it was said a lot during the season, but I'll say it again.

Mr D is quite simply the best job I've ever worked on! the cast and crew truly make it something special; I've enjoyed every single day on-set and look forward to many more seasons of laughter and fun.

all the best

"Dean Undah"