Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travelling south; part 3 of...


so the last month has seen the end of my immediate travels, and the continuation of my career in location sound for film.

Things are good on-set, and it's feeling like a little 'Australia' reunion with so many crew returning for another serving of Baz.

Obviously there'll be no photos from the set; but I will say this... anyone who was questioning the decision to film in 3D – will be absolutely shocked to see how well it suits both the story and director. (every day I am floored by how awesome the shots are looking, in conjunction with the sets and costumes... it all serves to amplify the emotions of the characters)

photos from the past month

driving to sydney...


lens flares rock...

under the harbour

My new baby...
I was always curious about the recording features of the zaxcom transmitters (one of the main reasons I bought a TRX900LT), and dismayed when they didn't release an updated plug-on that featured 48v phantom and the recording capabilities... or did they? Turns out that for a brief period, they did.
Meet my new TRX 700 plug-on transmitter.
I say new; even though it's a 2nd hand purchase on consignment from trew audio canada (*thanks for the ultra fast shipping guys).
Super clean wireless booming with built in recording on a micro SD card now possible... just not with an older CMC5 Schoeps pre-amp; thankfully I've got a CMC6 so it's all good :)

one of these two, is my current 'tool-of-the-trade': the other, not so much - guess which is which

alleyway down in the rocks area of sydney – with cool creeper vines on the buildings

awesome end of touristy-day walks down at circular quay

My new wheels, yay – cycling to work

My rear tire after 6 hrs – boo flat tires suck.

walking home after getting my tire fixed; purchasing a couple of new inner-tubes, a pump and a patch-kit...

big steps in centennial park

mini-forest in centennial

olde-time-cannon in centennial

a giant inflatable Smurf... (as seen on the way to watching the best doco of the year: Senna)

what the giant inflatable smurf looked like the next morning when I returned to get a nice photo for my cousins daughter...

stage 7 (centre) as seen from the showgrounds of the fox entertainment quarter

my bike tire at the FSA professional entrance

funky statue in the parklands out front of the Sydney Football stadium

Random lens-flare-iphone-sunset-shot on the way to collecting my laundry last week...

Aside from Senna (which is such a good story that I'm shocked it hasn't been destroyed by hollywood yet.), I've also been out to see "Pina" a 3D film by Wim Wenders - about a dance choreographer from Germany (quite good) and The Lion King (also in 3D) which was really good (even if the 3D conversion was a little weird at times).

well, it's currently 14 degrees and raining... perfect sunday afternoon for reading...

catch you all later.

P.S. the title photo is from a walk down to Bondi Beach during some kind of kite festival...