Thursday, September 30, 2010


or expressed another way, 2/93.

by yet another way of explanation - I've been home 2 nights out of the last 93.

time to get back there.

see ya Drake, it's been swell.

so; as of 1330 on tursday 30th september - what does the immediate future bring?

aside from a 4+hr drive north; perhaps I'll focus on some bridge climbing, and getting back into shape. I know that long term plans include an early december hike through milford sound - and a move to vancouver.

of course, the second I get back into cell-phone reception, it'll all change, but for the moment, I'm content in the knowledge that I can take a little break.

one final photo from the film.

another pretty location shot.

cheers, see you all in brisbane.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Any landing you can walk away from... still a controlled crash.

Byron Bay from 14,000 ft looks pretty cool.

13,999ft – 7,000ft is a little noisy and hectic.

7,000ft – 10ft is quite nice.

Happy Bucks' B. sorry I can't be there for the rest of it.

Back to the last week or two on the film

Drake has been pretty good to us as a crew; sadly the weather has not.

Rain and grass + driving = muddy vehicles. (yippee, my forester is finally in its element)

Looks as though I'll be back in Brisbane at the end of this coming week (perhaps Friday); it all depends on the weather playing nice.


reflection shot.

Cottage on the location property


makeup artist at work





P.S. To all of those wondering, jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane was possibly the safest part of my little side trip to Byron today – on the drive east, I had to avoid 2 x suicidal bunnies, and one wallaby. Sadly the 2nd wallaby wasn't so lucky, I clipped it at about 80kmph as it was bounding past, no sight of it after – only minimal damage to my plastic bumper bar – could have been much worse...

aparently this is my 101st blog... wow, I've hit triple digits, and never even noticed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

out of...


no cell phone reception in Drake.

nearest tower for optus (my dodgy provider of the wireless goodness) is in Casino - 70+kms East.

I can however get onto the local internet connection every so often... if you need to reach me, send us an email


P.S. should be back in Brisbane sometime around the end of the month,

'till then, enjoy these landscapes from my first week of shooting.


Water tower on location

amazing early morning light

more early morning light

single tree on the horizon...

Monday, September 06, 2010

have you ever wondered...

...what you'd look like without hair.

well I'll no longer be left pondering that particular question.

on monday, during my day of laundry and banking in Brisbane - I got a little annoyed with my hair... and decided to shave it.

Admittedly I may have gone a little far.

current observations (having had a shaved head for a little under 10 hrs now.)

Pro = shorter shower times.
Con = head gets cold quickly.

Departing Tomorrow (wednesday) for a few weeks in a little town in Northern NSW called Drake.

I've been warned that the cell phone reception is a little spotty unless you take a 70km trip east towards Casino.

therefore the updates and emails/phone calls may be a little sporadic.



Friday, September 03, 2010

(reprise) that's a...

...Wrap ...again

Panic at rock island is finished. look out for it later this year? on channel 9

This weeks photos come from week 4 of the Tele-movie

On a location shoot, you always get to see interesting places - but this production has had the most amazing locations - I've truly seen Sydney from a different perspective, and it's one that I'm grateful to have been a part of.

- first up is a shot of circular quay (this time from the roof of the MCA)

- Bridge from the north-shore

- Lunar Park entrance (we didn't shoot there, only had the crew parking)

- Kurnell Sand-dunes south of Sydney

- Sound recordist setting-up in the Middle-Head Tunnels from 1872 - absolutely amazing...

- what he's looking at

- Stunties doing what they do best, just hanging around...

- picturesque meeting...

- tunnel entrance

- lab-results

- The HAL 100 (and its handler)

- it's a $200,000.00 light microscope, and so delicate, that we were warned on numerous occasions against touching it, lest we throw off its calibration.

- another amazing location - Cryogenic chambers. Seriously, it's neg167deg c in there, lots of liquid nitrogen! only for storage of cell samples, no actual Heads (as far as they would tell us:)

- central area of the Garvan Institute (amazing location eh?)

- MC (recordist) on a long pole for some under-booming

- He's miking from under, I was over-the-top...

and now for a little info on my photos. Of course, It's the carpenter; not the hammer. But for those who are curious - on set I use a Panasonic LX3 - it's always on my work belt - for quick stills of a rig to show the boss, or scope out a potential problem and show people a picture (always worth a thousand words)

post-wise, I've been using picasa to crop, occasionally adjust contrast, and then compress for web.

touristy shots (trip to crater-cove, etc) are usually on my Nikon D50 with either a 18-200, or the tokina 11-16mm.

that's about it

Final photo is a still taken by our on-set photographer Jimmy. I'm booming, MC's looking.

See ya later Sydney, it's been a blast.

Time for me to move on, back up the east coast, to my life in Brisbane *(well for a day or two)

I'll catch you on the next big one.

Special thanks to Vashti, for providing a reasonably priced accommodation option in the heart of Bondi Junction.