Sunday, May 27, 2007


That is all...



Just kidding; I can’t leave you all hanging there.
The one thing that I’ll take away from this film, is a firm knowledge of just how much Special FX Dust is required to re-create the dusty streets of a western-style town.

Seriously – I’ve been showering with SOLVOL, just to help get some off.

Wednesday night saw a triumphant QLD state of origin opening game (made strangely satisfying by the presence of so many NSW crew members)

Last night was a party (graciously hosted by our lead actors at the local pub, which straddles our set) with a special musical guest. ‘twas quite fun.

Today was washing, and catching up on anything that can’t be done between the hours of 0500 and 1930 Monday-Saturday, ie: EVERYTHING.

Yes that’s what I said, 5:45 in the morning, until 7:30pm every week day, and the occasional Saturday. Consequently I made more money in overtime this past week than I did from my usual weekly wage. This is good – as I can pay off more of my car loan; and save for the ever-present Ski-trip (Blake, if you’re reading, you’d better be thinking hard about the potential world skiing tour ’08, as it’s all I can think about right now)

Don’t think that I’m just sitting around counting my paycheque; I’m working the hardest I’ve EVER worked on a film (quite possibly, in my life), and it’s absolutely exhausting.

However, I attended a Rushes Screening the other day (or week, I can’t even keep track of the time anymore...) and it re-affirmed my passion for the project. I know that I’m about as low on the creative rung as you can get on this job – but I found it to be truly inspirational. This project is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and something that I hope will be embraced by the public once it’s done.

Ok, now I’m done, see you all later.

Feel free to email (though I'm having internet issues), call (if I'm on set I won't answer, so leave a message), write (just chuck it in the post c/o that bloody movie being shot at bowen...)


Another angle of the ever-present Bowen wharf

And a more detailed look at dust.


...are never long enough.

Photos of horseshoe bay Bowen

Snorkeling last weekend

see ya

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blowin' Bowen...

...certainly lived up to it's "un-offical" namesake in the first few days. It was Wet, and VERY windy.

however someone must have done something right, as it all calmed down (and partially dried up) for the first day of shooting.

I'm not going to go into any specifics (mostly 'cause I'm too tired to remember) but the shoot is going well, and the set looks frikken' fantastic. there are numerous web-sites with images of the set (and it's stars), but by the looks of it I haven't managed to make the Backgrounds of any of the photos... yet.

for a nice centralised site - try as it seems to be run by a fan who collects ALL the links to news.

The Locals in Bowen are all REALLY friendly, and my accommodation is nice.

Special shout-out to Paul Shelly for being kind enough to help transport my Bicycle from Brisbane; I've now got some wheels - yay!

haven't been able to take any photos yet, but I've already picked a few photogenic spots to try when I get the time.

okey-dokey, Time to grab some lunch on my day off...

see ya

charter flight with previously un-heard-of airline

Thursday, May 10, 2007

look out world...

here we come.

it's time to bid a cheery farewell to our gracious host-city of Sydney for a few months, whilst we wind our way across the top-end.

although we've been shooting locations for the past 2 weeks, it's time to move into the "REAL" location shooting; far away from our friends and family (...well for the rest of the crew; I've been away for 3 weeks already).

again, I'm unsure of my internet connectivity on the road, so we'll see if I'm able to post any updates.

cheers and see you all soon-ish


the photo is of a sketch I made from one of my favorite photos, a speed-sign in NZ.

Friday, May 04, 2007

week one is done...

since we've been on night shoots all this first week; we wrapped as the sun came up (I guess it's better than wrapping all the gear out in the dark, which is how it usually goes)

I'm beyond tired; but I think it's worth it.

nothing much to report, other than rain FX are impressive; and unsurprisingly... wet.

bonus photo time.

sometime last week I took a stroll away from the location and stumbled across a tall-ship in the harbour

I know that I keep publishing what appears to be the same photo - but it's just such a good view (and an amazing introduction to shooting in Sydney)

ok, sleepy-time, might catch some art-galleries this arvo; or perhaps a swim in the ocean-baths; so many choices...

see ya


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

night shoots...

are tiring.

well, duh!

here's my annual 3rd May photos - YES I did actually stick around after we'd finished work thursday morning and take some shots of the sun rising over the pacific.

first up are some photos of a lighthouse.

and now the sunrise (with a boat, and a wicked lens flare)

and finally, an awesome shot of sydney harbour whilst the clouds were rollin'in two days ago

ok, now it's time to change accommodation, and get a few hours sleep before crew call this afternoon.

see ya