Sunday, May 27, 2012

8 days in a week...

...well 8 days in LA.

 So I've finally finished looking through the thousands of photos from my brief visit to LA, and decided to split it up into 4 posts...

We finished up in lake arrowhead, with a pleasant breakfast, and a whole bunch of goodbyes; before driving back down to the city.

beautiful hills

just a little too-cold for a swim

the big red car

fog in the valley

yup, you don't want to block! a fire-road

sitting back here in Australia - looking over these photos - I realise, I MISS MOUNTAINS!

We made it back to the city, and I dropped Miguel at his hotel, before traveling to my new accommodation, and prepping for a week of touristy-stuff.

First-up, a local-ish Steadicam equipment manufacturer was having their open-day; so I headed north to the GPI-PRO factory to have a little sticky-beak and see some different equipment.

Had a great time, flying a totally different set-up to what I'd been practicing with all week; meeting some new people, and even bumping into another steadi-student (chewy). 

We headed down to santa-monica to try out "the best burgers/beers" in LA.

I got to play-up the ol' aussie accent, making it much easier to meet new-people and share their table in the over-crowded little bar/restaurant/pub/what-would-you-call-it?

The beers were great (dark-chocolate beer? I'm there!), the sweet-potatoe-fries were awesome, and the burger was indeed, spectacular... sadly I've completely forgotten the name of the place (isn't that always the way?)

Spent a day of recovery on the sunday, then made a quick set-visit to a TVC on monday, before catching a couple of films = weirdest self-made double-bill ever. Jiro dreams of sushi (doco) at an upper-class art-house theatre followed by the amazingly patriotic (and idiotic) Act of Valour at the B-movie theatre down the road...

Tuesday was spent, driving around, and hitting up some museums/tourist hot-spots.

the old Grauman's Chinese Theatre, downtown Hollywood baby.

the old Kodak (no, wait, it's the Dolby) theatre...

natural history museum of LA

with fighter-jets indoors...

...and one of the Apollo capsules


small piece of moon-rock

replica of the wright-brothers first flying machine

contrasted by a full-size jet outside

had a Philly cheese-steak under the colourful pepsi billboard, before going dino-hunting...

...I guess this'll have to do

these here americans love them some dino-saurs

even the little ones

grrrr (you better believe I had that sound running through my head while looking at all the dangerous, yet strangely anorexic creatures)

the museum is big on making it seem like the only thing dinosaurs did was attack each-other. What about the quiet moments of contemplation?

I guess it was up to the mammoths to do all the standing and posing.

...and the bears

...and the antelope

...and the elephants. Damn - did any of the "wildlife" round here do anything other than stop and look?

...thank-you mr honey-badger; much like the anteater - he just don't give a f#ck.

So that's part one of four. I know what you're thinking; that was a piss-poor re-cap...

Ummmm... it's been a while and I don't remember details that well anymore. Look, just focus on the pretty pictures and it'll be fine.

Part two up soon - it's got more mammoths

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


...of sunrise photos

here's the latest batch

obligatory driving shot

mt coot-tha view


may 3rd 2012


my pick of the bunch

brisbane sky-line

looking to the South-East

heading home

Bonus - Video of the shoot.

as an extra-special bonus - from 2004

sunrise may 3rd 2004

Promise that I am working on a re-cap of my LA adventures, but for the moment - it's off to the bridge for a tour-guiding shift.