Monday, August 22, 2011

Heading south-west, part 2 of...


picking up where we left off; I'm back in Vancouver.

thursday = packing, and sorting out my life...

friday = dropping off my sound gear and ski-boots at the local TNT for shipping, purchasing a new carry-on bag, and more packing

saturday = nice brunch with the gang, more packing, organising car-storage/etc and one last hike up deep cove.

I didn't do the "run" as I'm way-out-of-shape, and had my camera with me.


pre-dawn on my last canadian morning for a while.

looking up on the Baden Powel trail *(on the way to grey rock)

It's also known as the deep cove hike...

...a nice 40 min walk... (or 16 minute run if you're up to the challenge)

...there's plenty of awesome forrest to look at...

...and it can certainly get quite atmospheric at times...

Lots of stairs, and even a few wooden bridges...

...many made by local volunteers.

The path isn't always level, with quite a few exposed tree roots.

occasionally, the sun breaks through...

...which makes for an awesome lens flare

end of the trail = the grey rock

view of the inlet

looking back at deep cove


tree at the top

It was time to head home for a quick shower, then off to the airport...

pretty flowers in the back-yard

27 deg, perfect summer weather eh?

final sunset in Vancouver

looking back at the north shore mountains

freeway overpass

last light


I was expecting to be hit with a few excess and overweight baggage charges.
On the flight from australia, I was allowed 2 bags of 25kg each; however, in the past 4 months, Air Canada changed their rules, and international flights are only supposed to allow one 23Kg bag!

For some reason the kind lady behind the counter allowed me to check a 25.9kg bag, a 10.9kg bag, and even my boom poles without penalty. Woo hoo.

random people wait at the terminal

my last view of vancouver - the departure lounge

view from my seat


arriving sydney

during the flight I watched
- "the greatest movie ever sold" (morgan spurlock doco on product placement = most meta movie ever!)
- "the high cost of living" (reasonable molodrama with Zach Braff)
- "happythankyoumoreplease" (Ted from how I met your mother, writes directs and stars... in a halfway decent romantic drama with likeable lead characters, a weird premise, and a weak ending.)

there was also plenty of time to nap (90% of the flight was in darkness), and read...

random qantas jet

another one...

taxi-ing out of sydney

wing-tip somewhere along the east coast of australia

near the border QLD/NSW

well, I'm back in OZ - and things are...ok

it's currently rainy and blowing a gale in brisbane...

my phone has been re-connected with the same number it's always been in Australia = 0414 468 413

time to un-pack, sort, and re-pack for the next 4+1/2 months...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

heading west: part 1 of...

...umm... a few?

at least I know it's going to be a multi-part journey.

Yesterday started in Halifax; I said my goodbyes, and handed over to the boom op who's nice enough to take over Mr D's last 2 weeks.

packed up my apartment, took one last look at the Atlantic, and caught a lift to the airport.

checked in, and paid the excess baggage (subtly reduced = my boom poles are now "sporting goods")

attempted to pass through security.

uh oh - there's a BIG line...

...You need to stand on a pressure-pad, henceforth known as the randomiser3000(TM). which is hooked-up to a flashing arrow. Left = normal screening, Right = "selective" screening, and a full body scan

guess which one I got?

no real issues; aside from the removal of my belt causing my jeans to spontaneously fall to the floor...

while my whole body is getting a healthy dose of vitamin X, my gear is also being X-rayed, and the water flask had some liquid in it = BAD!

not allowed to drink or dispose of it in the security area; so I need to exit, dump the liquid, and re-line-up... no worries, I'll play ball... ok where's my boarding pass gone?

Why, it's mysteriously disappeared from under my wallet in the plastic scanning tray (I normally hold on to it for this exact reason).

did I mention that my flight is supposed to be boarding now?

we discover the boarding pass sitting under someone else's bag, and I'm escorted out (wasn't even allowed to carry my own bag...)

Drink the liquid and line up for...

...Round 2

Randomiser3000(TM). tells me to go and line up with the ridiculously large group that's building up at the regular screening point...

remove the belt again...

empty the bag again...

Hold onto the boarding pass this time, along with my jeans (and my modesty).

scramble to get the belt on, re-pack my bag, and race to the gate...

..."sorry sir, we haven't started boarding yet, please wait over there"

umm, ok - cool.

flight boards; I sit next to some nice people and cycle between: having a chat, reading, taking photos, and sleeping my way to Toronto.

get off one plane, buy some banana bread, and get back onto another.

This time, my row-mates aren't in a chatty mood, so it's: reading, taking photos, sleeping, and listening to music for the remaining 5 hrs to Vancouver.

disembark and wait with the other 160 passengers for our baggage to arrive...

1/2 hr goes by, still waiting...

almost an hour...

other flights have come and gone by now...

finally... now I just have to wait for my "sporting gear"... which isn't too far behind.

Taxi home, and accidentally set-off the alarm (Forgot the correct ending to the code)


re-enter the code and wait for the alarm company to check just what the heck is going on.

flatmate/landlord arrive home, and hasn't heard from the alarm co.; so we get to chatting over some pasta.

my car arrives. The irish girls have been nice enough to baby-sit the Golf for a bit; so I drop them home, and am pleased to discover that even though it's now 0330 halifax-time, I'm not instinctively pulling to the wrong side of the road...

Figures; just as I'm fully comfortable with my driving here... I'm going back to Australia...


Lauren and Zan show-off correct transmitter placement during my last day on D.

(in my defence, she's sitting on a couch for the entire scene, and instead of frigging around with thigh-straps/waist belts, was going to place the transmitter somewhere out of the way. This is just somewhere to store it while hangin' around off-set)

B-cam dino-head

my window in seat 4F

...the grid... (flying over the northern US)

Wind Farm

I'm guessing it's in the US (Nuclear plants in Canada?)

coming in for a landing...

Toronto (and that damned CN tower walk I never managed to take...)

another angle on "the centre of the universe"

pretty clouds

I'm guessing these are the mountains on the border of Alberta and British Columbia... as one side was flat as a pancake, and the other was, shall we say... majestic

more pretty clouds

another jet-liner flies by

now these look more like it... BC mountains

I'm home...

lining up YVR



ok... enough procrastinating. Time to continue the pack...

I still need to ship my sound gear back to Oz, and sort out exactly what I can leave in storage...

see y'all soon