Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 3...

…hot, hard, over!

Notable things:
This past week in Broome we were shooting nights; I almost quit mid-week (not going to go into it all here, but things are a little better), and I’ve spent yet another weekend in recovery mode (switching back to days).

I missed the ‘Australia’ Premiere in Sydney on Tuesday. Unfortunately I also missed the screening in Kununurra (10hr drive away), and in Broome on Thursday (for Brandon’s family, and some crew members – as there are a few of us up here). Subsequently I don’t know if I’ll be able to see the film before I fly to Perth on the 6th of December.

Storm-clouds moved in this afternoon and even gave a fine misting of precipitation in places; fingers crossed it’ll hold off for a few more weeks…

Most of the coming week will be spent indoors with some of the larger musical numbers…

I should be home for Christmas.

The heat is sending me mad – anyone up for a skiing trip to Japan at the end of January? (Seriously… anyone?)

Best wishes to everyone in Brisbane, hope you’re all coping with the storms…


Camera on a cherry-picker

On-set #1

On-set #2

Weekly sunset shot #3

‘till next time,


Sunday, November 16, 2008

week 2... finished

Nothing more to say really;

The heat is still kicking my arse mid-week; and once again I find myself at the end of a weekend spent in recovery mode.

Most of the week we were shooting on a low-loader. It’s a trailer, which allows you to put actors in a vehicle and film them as if they were driving.

Upsides – very little booming is possible, and you spend most of your day sitting down…

Downsides – very little booming is possible, and you spend most of your day sitting down… On a camera box in the sun, whilst diesel exhaust-fumes waft by, and you’re safety harness gets in the way.

Picture time.

Red-dust/sun-burn combo at the end of a regular day.

Picture-car on low-loader. (In this particular set-up the camera is sitting in the front passengers’ seat shooting towards the back)

Alternate angle on the low-loader

view from my exhaust seat on the back of the towing vehicle

Weekly sunset shot #2

Filming in downtown Broome, WA (set to resemble 1960’s)

This past saturday, I went down to the lighthouse cliffs, to see if I could take a photo or two of the “dinosaur footprints”

Concrete representation of said footprints (the real ones are only visible during very low-tide)

This might be one of the real ones… or not… it’s kind of hard to tell without a compass.

Pretty, late-afternoon sun on the cliffs

Another shot of the rock cliffs

Cliff-rocks #3

One of the many tourists searching frantically for the dino-print before the tide came back up and the sun went down…

‘till next time

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pretty Sunsets...

Are the norm, up here in Broome, WA

It is also, bloody hot during the day, (almost passed out on Tuesday, and Wednesday…)

We shot nights on Thu/Fri which allowed for a little reprieve from the heat, and the crew is starting to find it’s own rhythm; so things are looking up.

Here’s a few more photos…

Flight from Perth to Broome

Coast-guard chopper at the Broome Airport

Cable Beach, near our accommodation.

Which looks like this…

One more shot of the sunset at cable beach

'till next time, Ian