Sunday, December 26, 2010

Milford hike - part 1...

...of 3

I'll be breaking up the trip into 3 logical sections

this post deals with Queenstown and day 1 of the hike.

posts will mostly revolve around photos, as I'm not really a word-smith; having said that - I'm not much of a "photo-smith" either...

Contrary to my usual style - I've popped my favorite shot from the whole trip at the head of this post - even though I took it somewhere in the middle of our second day of hiking.


as always - My photographic journey starts pre-dawn, with some sort of shot from a vehicle - this time as a passenger on the inner-city-bypass on the way to Brisbane Domestic airport - to meet one of my cohorts (Grant) for a quick(ish) flight to Sydney, to meet-up with our other climber Mark, for the international portion of our journey.

-interesting side-note, due to a delay arriving in Sydney, it looked as though we might miss our connecting flight, thus ending the trip before it had even begun - Sydney airport sucks (we've been told this is a very regular occurrence - just one that was difficult to anticipate 5 months earlier, without the local knowledge...)

we didn't miss our flight - in fact due to our being "late" at the NZ airline check-in line-up, we were siphoned off to the side for a more expedited check-in; where we caught up with Mark.

Oh yeah - the photo is your typical "pretty clouds out the window" shot; one you've most likely seen a million times from every international traveller - we shall speak of it no more

long-haul flights have entertainment consoles - no longer must you engage with fellow travellers in "conversation" - now you can whoop their ass in a rousing game of trivia (yes I am talking to you; teenager two seats in front, and a little to the left...) - on a quick side note - remember to pack an extra ipod cable to charge your device on the trip over... would have been very useful to have known in advance.

...ok we shall speak of the standard tourist shots again - specifically one involving the mountain range we'll be hiking through.

Landing in Queenstown - Bus-sing to te-anau, and boat-ing on lake te-anau to the beginning of the Milford tramp.

Special thanks to Grant for tee-ing up this awesome accommodation in Queenstown, and being so nice to the receptionist that we were upgraded into the ultra-COOL suite. Glebe Luxury apartments if anyone's interested.

a quick-game of pool and pre-hike drinks at the local backpackers. (take your pick - in Queenstown there's a few to choose from)

ok - hike day 1, Te Anau.
one small 3 hour bus from Q'town is the wonderful fjiordland town of Te anau, where we had a 3 hr lay-over to waste away before our bus/boat combo to the actual beginning of the hike.
as for the photo - I don't know what to say - it's a cool chopper, only Mini

I'm a sucker for face-space photos involving large-tacky monuments; luckily Te anau obliged with a big blue bird.

sail boat - on a lake

on the boat to the drop-point. filled with japanese day-tourers, ultra-exclusive mega-tourists (taking an expensive guided hike) and us - the unwashed masses staying in the Dept of Conservation Huts.

Grant pondering something (perhaps the hairstyle of the lady in-front)

I'd finally bought myself some gaiters (they stop stuff getting into the top of your boots). yay - I almost look like I know what I'm doing... almost.

aforementioned hairstyle - it's mullet-tacular!

all the hiking packs were placed at the back of the boat - unsure if it's just the logical place to put them, or part of some master-plan involving weight distribution and power-ratios

the view of what awaits... getting excited

didy-mo sucks, it's an invasive algae that's decimating fresh-water parts of New Zealands Southern Island. Anyone arriving must have their fishing gear checked and boots disinfected.

all smiles at the start of the trek/tramp/hike/walk

Mark and Grant on a bridge - the first of MANY bridges over the next few days

Very glad that they're so serious about the didy-mo; the glacial waters are ultra clear - you could literally see the fish swimming about (quite frustrating for fishermen?)

face-space photo day 1

arty-shot of Mark in front of y'know... what's the word... oh yeah, mountains

another pretty view presents itself (I've got a feeling that this will happen pretty often)

near the 1st-nights hut - you entered a little area that I've dubbed Moss-land, for fairly obvious reasons.

it's hot - but the water is cold, at least the sandflies don't get you IN the water...

Mark on a rock at the swimming hole.

accomodation - night 1 = Clinton Hut - at only an hours walk from the boat, it's not too tricky to get to. Bunk accommodation (40 beds in 2 rooms, with a communal cooking/eating area, and FLUSH toilets)

Dinner, night 1 - soup...

ok that takes care of part one.

part two when I get round to it - most likely tomorrow...

other stuff that's happened since I went hiking
-it rained in SE QLD
-The australian portion of Singularity has finished (at 0700 on christmas eve)
-I bought an I phone... (it had to happen eventually)
-it continued to rain
-I also picked up a Go Pro Hero camera (hello skiing videos)
-bridge climbs in the rain
-did i mention the rain?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


...i'm back.

The Milford Track was awesome; the other hikers even more so.

photos and details to follow.

Currently back on the film, and shooting nights this week.



Monday, December 06, 2010

Friday, December 03, 2010

Long hours, fatigue, and body-lice...

...three things I've encountered in the first three weeks of the film.

The first: Long Hours - has meant that for the second time in my career, I've nearly exceeded my weekly wage in overtime...

The second: fatigue - usually stems from the first (14+hrs on-set, with almost an hour and 15mins travel each way on some days...)

The third: body-lice - is courtesy of our Tweed-river location.

Most people who know me, also know that I don't do so well on small boats. Day 1 on the river wasn't so good (queasy at lunch from all the rock'n'rollin) so Day 2 was spent on the shore; by day 3; I was itching like crazy.

The rash that came up scared me so much, that my only day off (Sunday after 6-day week) was spent in a doctors office getting prescription chemicals to burn the little f*ckers off my skin.

5 treatments and a whole bunch of discarded clothing/sheets later; I'm still itchy - but recovering...


The Grips slaughtered a unicorn - its head a warning to anyone soft and fluffy...

super-awesome crane-rig for a pool-shot

arch-way on-set

shooting film...

Macro shot of a fly on location

pretty location

looking back at the cliff

Filming in small boats on a river in northern NSW

Stills Photographer on a boat

love the instructions - turtle = slow, rabbit = fast

arty clouds at sunset

Border mountain range QLD/NSW

don't spend a day hanging out in Scrubland... it'll end badly

arty plants

nicely framed speed sign

arty grass

pretty sunset in colour

Filming in a swamp 'aint the most fun you can have.

smoke+canopy = cool rays of light

dolly-shot in the water

don't go over the crumbly cliff - stay safe kiddies

Truck-loader and sound recordist

stick-insect catchin' a ride on the camera-head.

Well, I'm off the film for a week - hiking in Fiordland NZ until the 12th December.
phone will be off, and I don't imagine there'll be internet access, so catch you all once I'm done.